Every home starts with a story

How do people decide to make it happen? To find out, we took to the streets and asked people how they feel about owning a home. Read their stories and see what guidance BMO has for them. Is there anything you want to know right away? Talk to us.

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Dreaming of your first home? You’re not alone.Vous rêvez de votre première maison?
Vous n’êtes pas seul.

We went out and talked to people across Canada to discover how they feel about buying their first homes. Each week, see how they’re planning to make it happen and how we can help.Aux quatre coins du pays, nous avons rencontré des gens pour savoir comment ils se sentent à l'idée d'acheter leur première maison. Chaque semaine, découvrez les moyens qu'ils prennent pour y arriver ainsi que nos conseils.

People we've metLes gens que nous avons rencontrés

Stay tuned for more...D’autres histoires à venir…
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